The Round Up #31

Hey Everyone, as usual welcome to all the new faces around here! There have been 11 new subscribers since the last Round Up!

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The 2 best articles I’ve read this week:

The 4 Identities of a Teacher Reporter, Expert, Mentor, Role Model

  • “One of the most invisible but important trends I’m seeing play out in the world today is the trend of everyone becoming a teacher.””
  • In this article Tiago talks about how almost everyone on the internet is basically a “teacher”. There are 4 different stages that teachers move through as the progress on their journey.
  • “your credibility comes from your lack of experience. You are a reporter, chasing leads, asking questions, and reporting your findings “live from the field.” “

Seek Buyers, Not Followers

  • “Newcomers to social media and influencer marketing naively assume that if they can build a big following, those followers will buy from them. But that’s not always the case.””
  • “Instagram, and now TikTok, are the default places fitness buffs will go to share and follow accounts from other fitness buffs. And to get their softcore porn fix. But that’s not necessarily where the buyers are. If you’re a personal trainer trying to attract clients who will pay $100+ per hour for your services, do you suppose those people are sitting at their desk following fitness accounts on Instagram? No. They’re probably on Twitter and LinkedIn.”


No one really wins a marathon. You just survive it better.” – Again to Carthage – John Parker

Some stuff I wrote this week

  • No Switchy – I’ve made a new rule, I am not allowed to switch to new software, I outline why in this article.
  • 2022 Goals – Blog – Just a quick write up about my goals this year and which habits I am using to achieve them.

Obsidian – Linking your thinking with Nick Milo

I am super excited to announce that I have signed up for Nick Milo’s “Linking your thinking” course. I was granted a scholarship, which I am incredible grateful for because I wouldn’t have been able to afford the course without it.

If you don’t know what linking your thinking is you can read more about it here: LYT

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