No Switchy

I used to be super into photography. I still have all my gear and I still occasionally get my camera out and take some pictures. In the photo community there is something called G.A.S. Or, Gear Acquisition Syndrome. As a photographer it is very easy to feal that upgrading your gear will make you better. While there is some truth to this, often the best way to improve is to get better with what you already have.

The enemy of art is the absence of limitations

Orson Welles

I’ve made a rule for myself when it comes to software called “No Switchy”. Often, I’ve sat down at my pc to write and ended up creating a notion template or trying out a new task manager app instead of what I intentionally set out to do. Similarly, I recently did a comparison of all the common email platforms and I concluded that the one I am using, Convert Kit is not the best for small creators. There are more affordable options with better features like mailerlite. But, no switchy.

Why no switchy?

So why am I intentionally not switching even though I know that there are better options out there? Again, just like photographers, getting better software will not make me a better writer. Switching email platforms is a time consuming process. You have to export and re-import all your subscribers. Then you have to re-create any automations, tags and incentive emails you’ve created. Then, you have to add the forms back to your website, at best the entire process could take a few hours.

The benefit I’d get from switching software isn’t worth it. Often, switching to a new tool is pseudo progress. We think we’re making progress towards our goals, but really, it’s just a distraction in disguise:

  • Is going onto a new task manager actually going to help me get more tasks done?
  • Is changing my note taking software going to help me take more notes, and ultimately create more content?
  • Is changing my email software going to help me get more subscribers?
  • is changing my website cms going to improve my website visitors?

The answer to most of these questions is no.

So next time you’re considering investigating a new productivity app or tool, ask yourself:

What is stopping me from getting better results with what I already have?

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