The Round Up #28

Hey everyone,
Welcome to all the new faces around here. This week I am writing to you from Somerset West, South Africa.

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The 5 best articles I read this week:

  1. How to Choose the Right Note-taking App
  2. How to Remember what you read
  3. Hugging the x-axis
  4. Should you write everyday?
  5. The Counterfactual Theory of Value


“You only need to know the direction, not the destination. The direction is enough to make the next choice.” – James Clear

How to set achievable new years resolutions

My article on how to set achievable new years resolutions got featured on
Tesla Hague, Writer, Creator of, and learning enthusiast: welcomes all readers/writers in her discussions about poetry, economics, and self-improvement. Curated with freedom and writers in mind, at the heart of the brand is an understanding of what it means to empower writers to “write the wrong words.”

This article focuses of identifying who you want to become and implementing habits that will will help you become that person instead of just blindly setting goals.

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You can also read the original article on my website

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