The Round Up #27

Hey everyone welcome to this weeks of The Round Up! And welcome to the 8 new people who have subscribed since last week’s issue. I am currently writing to you from the tiny town of Colesberg, South Africa. Louise and I are taking a two day road trip to Cape Town to spend some time with family for Christmas. Here is a picture taken from our hotel:

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5 best Articles I read this week:

Something I am thinking about

I’m busy writing an essay on “how to learn stuff”. I am not sure what I was thinking when I decided to write about such a vague and broad subject. It’s proven to be more of a monster than I expected. It lead me to this concept called “Cognitive Load Theory”. Cognitive Load theory is the sillly mechanic that you can blame for that feeling of not being able to learn any thing more after a full day of lectures. Or perhaps, you’re listening to podcast and you feel like it’s just information overload. This is partially due to Cognitive Load.

Your brain has 3 different types of memory:

  1. Sensory memory
  2. Working Memory
  3. Long Term Memory

Your Working memory is like your desk. There are only so many objects that can fit on the desk before your desk becomes cluttered and ineffective. Your working memory can handle about 5 – 9 chunks of information in your working memory at a time.

These chunks of information are either committed to long term memory or forgotten. You can read more here.

My Obsidian Workflow

If you haven’t seen it yet, last week I posted a video about my workflow. You can see that here

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