Do One Thing Well

The problem with doing more is that you achieve less.

In 1997 when Steve Jobs took over apple computer he ditched just about every research project that was currently in effect and put the entire company’s effort into one thing, the iPod. The iPod was, and is still massively successful. It turned Apple’s declining revenue around and saved the company that was heading into an irreparable decline.

I’ve often observed people buying really cheap PC’s and then later being dissatisfied with their purchase because of inferior, subpar performance and quality. They will look at an Apple computer and say “If only I could afford an Macbook pro, everything would be so much easier!”.

I find this interesting because if you could afford a Macbook Pro or an iMac, you could also afford a far better PC or Laptop. In fact, you could probably afford a PC or Laptop that outperforms a Macbook pro significantly. This is something smart and strategic that Apple has done. They have put all their effort into doing one thing well. So well, that when a consumers experience with a generically branded laptop goes sour, Apple is cleverly positioned to be the only saviour.

Apple has done one thing well. Generic computer manufacturers have tried to capture too many parts of the market, saturating themselves and diluting their brand name amongst all the other rubbish. Apple has differentiated itself and said, “We will do this one thing well.”.

This is a principle that you can apply almost anywhere. You could do it on a daily basis and say “Today I will do this one thing, well.” Or perhaps even on a weekly, monthly yearly and even, a lifelong basis.

The question is, what is that one thing that you are going to do well. Cut out the distractions and do it.

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