How to find your passion

This email newsletter was going to be over 1000 words. I’ve written those words out, but I am not happy with how they come together as a whole. So, after some thought I’ve rewritten the idea simply. I’ll release the full thing as a blog one day when I can muster the motivation to finish … Read more

A basic guide to formatting notes in Cheat Sheet Download Loading… Check Your Inbox Your FREE Cheat Sheet has been sent to you. cheat sheet download What is Obsidian? is a markdown text editor. It is different from other markdown editors because it has jumped on the linked thought band wagon. “Linked Thought” refers to a group of note taking applications that allow … Read more

How to create a sustainable habit

Recently I decided to quit coffee for 30 days. I was drinking 5 – 8 cups of coffee a day. I was no longer getting that kick that caffeine is supposed to give you. During my caffeine fast I realized that it is a lot more sustainable to create a habit when you do it … Read more

How to speed up any process – The Round Up

This won’t be the first time that I am writing about Elon Musk. There is a good reason for this. Like many other technology nerds, I am infatuated with Elon’s ability to approach some of the worlds largest problems systematically and methodically. In a recent interview Elon spoke to Tim Dodd about the 5 Manufacturing Principles that govern … Read more

Caffeine Experiment Part 2

It’s been almost a month since I sent out the last email regarding this caffeine experiment. If you’re not familiar with what I am talking about, I did a 60 day experiment to figure out if caffeine was hurting the quality of my sleep and productivity. Experiment Month Here is a break down of how my 30 … Read more

Quitting Coffee a 30 day experiment

Why am I quitting coffee? On the 5th of April 2021, I got married. It’s made me think more about time optimisation and energy management. You see, when I was single, it was ok for me to go into an intellectual coma with little interaction with anyone for 4 days in a row. Now, I … Read more

The Final Round Up

Hey Everyone,Today marks almost 4 weeks since I started this silly Caffeine experiment. I’ll speak more about that later on. I’ll also be talking about the future of what this newsletter may look like. It’ll likely change quite a bit with each edition going forward. Caffeine experiment update I am trying to figure out if … Read more

The Round Up #15

Hey Everyone, welcome to this week’s edition of The Round Up. A weekly newsletter where I share interesting ideas, videos, podcasts and other things that I’ve found on the internet. The goal of this newsletter is to be the most interesting thing that you have in your inbox. If I am not achieving this please let … Read more