Self Care Morning Routine For Success

What separates successful from unsuccessful? Often success requires the ability to look beyond the here and now; and conditioning the mind to think strategically, calculated, and organized. If you want to jump-start your success, start with this simple morning routine that successful people do to start their day off right. “You are the artist of … Read more

The Round Up #28

Hey everyone,Welcome to all the new faces around here. This week I am writing to you from Somerset West, South Africa. If you don’t know me my name is Ross and you’re subscribed to this newsletter because you downloaded my guide or you subscribed on my website. Either way, it’s great to have you … Read more

The Round Up #27

Hey everyone welcome to this weeks of The Round Up! And welcome to the 8 new people who have subscribed since last week’s issue. I am currently writing to you from the tiny town of Colesberg, South Africa. Louise and I are taking a two day road trip to Cape Town to spend some time … Read more

The Round Up #26

Hey Everyone,As usual welcome to all the new faces around here! This is going to be a short one, but it’s packed with content. I finally bit the bullet and got an Instapaper + Readwise Subscription. It’s expensive here in South Africa. But, it’s going to be worth it because it’s another tool in my … Read more

The Round Up #25

Hey Everyone, as usual welcome to all the new faces around here. Since I’ve published my guide to markdown I’ve seen 10% growth in the Round Up Subscribers week-to-week. The amount of visitors my website gets has also increased by 100% since I published that silly guide. If you’re one of those people and … Read more

The Customer Retention Triangle: How Businesses can quantify their customer appeal

four assorted colour triangles

The customer retention triangle is a concept that I came up with to easily understand how people choose where they buy from. Buying decisions are not always as conscious as we believe: Emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviors, and also, decision making in general. 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional. Often buying … Read more

The Round Up #24

Join The Newsletter The following is an excerpt from The Round Up, a somewhat frequent newsletter that I send out. Subscribe I won’t send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Built with ConvertKit Hey everyone, As usual, welcome to all the new faces around here. Since I posted my obsidian markdown guide there has been … Read more

Elon Musk’s 5 Manufacturing Principles

space rocket orbit galaxy

This won’t be the first time that I am writing about Elon Musk. There is a good reason for this. Like many other technology nerds, I am infatuated with Elon’s ability to approach some of the worlds largest problems systematically and methodically. In a recent interview Elon spoke to Tim Dodd about the 5 Manufacturing Principles … Read more