My goals for 2022

In 2020 I wrote about how I set new year resolutions. In that blog I talk about how you should identify who you want to become and then identify what that type of person would do. Instead of a lofty goal, you’ll end up with several habits that you can perform on a daily basis. The goal should be constant improvement, not an arbitrary metric. For 2022 here are my new year resolutions or as I prefer to call them: My Goals.

What type of person do I want to become?:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Active and physically fit
  • Close relationship with God
  • Multilingual

What do these types of people do?

  1. Knowledgeable – Read and/or write everyday
  2. Active and Physically fit – At a very minimum go for a walk everyday.
  3. Growing relationship with God – Read my Bible and Pray everyday
  4. Become Multilingual – Practice a Language every day

There are the 4 daily habits that I’ll be making sure to implement on a daily basis.

I’ve also got some arbitrary content goals for this year:

Blog -> 1000 weekly visitors by December ’22 (~300 currently)
Newsletter -> 1000 Subscribers by December ’22 (110 Currently)
YouTube -> Be able to monetize by December ’22 aka. get 1000 subscribers (132 Currently)

The Blog, Newsletter and Youtube are all connected. Two habits will drive growth in these areas:

  1. Writing everyday
  2. Reading as much as a I can

These two habits together, assuming I follow my interests allow me to constantly write about new and interesting ideas.

As for YouTube, my goal is simple. I want to make 12 videos this year. That gives me a month for each video. Each video about 10mins long. These videos should be informative yet also entertaining. I want to be myself and show you guys the “real me”.


Since my goals are dependent on good habits, I have baked these habits into my morning routine.

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