The Impossible List is an idea I first heard about through various internet personalities such as Thomas Frank from College Info Geek.  The idea originated from a guy by the name of Joel Runyon who saw it as a way to push himself to his limits. This is a theme that I’ve always been interested in, I love pushing myself constantly to become a better, smarter, strong and fitter version of myself. The problem with this is that it’s hard to track, and when something is hard to track it’s hard to keep motivated and disciplined. The Impossible List is NOT a bucket list. It’s a list of stuff that you think you might be able to do, but would require an extreme amount of work and dedication to work. Sometimes the stuff that I put on my Impossible list isn’t even that impossible, it’s just there so that when I do get to doing it, I will have a record of it to motivate me to other more challenging things. Here is my impossible list: