Running Calculator

This post is a bit different to what I usually put out there. In 2015 I got obsessed with running. Since then I have run almost 5000km. In 2019 I got badly injured and I haven’t been able to run since then. I’ve made a few tools to make my running training easier. I want … Read more

Self Care Morning Routine For Success

What separates successful from unsuccessful? Often success requires the ability to look beyond the here and now; and conditioning the mind to think strategically, calculated, and organized. If you want to jump-start your success, start with this simple morning routine that successful people do to start their day off right. “You are the artist of … Read more

How to create a sustainable habit

Recently I decided to quit coffee for 30 days. I was drinking 5 – 8 cups of coffee a day. I was no longer getting that kick that caffeine is supposed to give you. During my caffeine fast I realized that it is a lot more sustainable to create a habit when you do it … Read more

How to find a find a mentor

Intro Finding a mentor can be frustrating. How do you do it? Do you walk up to a person and ask them? Or, do you shadow them for years hoping your relationship will morph into a mentorship? Many people believe a mentor is going to find them. This is an unrealistic expectation. It takes work … Read more