My Personal Productivity System

Introduction I’ve read a lot of productivity books over the years. I was never really a productivity enthusiast until I got a Job where my Boss was a productivity fanatic. And for good reason, the job wasn’t very cumbersome or hard. It just required really good time management and communication skills otherwise employees would be … Read more

Time Blocking

What is time blocking? Time Blocking or Time Boxing is a method used by people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates to get more out of their time. Quite simply, it is a method of allocating fixed amounts of time for tasks and integrating the resulting time blocks into your schedule or calendar. You might … Read more

The Mind Dump

journal with lots of writing scribbled in it, implicit that it is planning and scheduling

Not so long ago I was sitting at my desk sipping a cup of coffee, trying to finish an assignment that I needed to submit that evening. Although, my brain was not where it should have been. I was worrying about a task that I needed to complete for work the next day. In comes … Read more

How To Boost Productivity With RescueTime

Overview: What is RescueTime Why RescueTime is better than other time trackers How RescueTime will boost your productivity How I use RescueTime Outline of RescueTime’s Features Billing and payment options Conclusion Download RescueTime What is RescueTime RescueTime is time tracking and productivity software that has been around since 2007. This article is going to focus … Read more

Do One Thing Well

Do one thing well - lone free standing numerical one

The problem with doing more is that you achieve less. In 1997 when Steve Jobs took over apple computer he ditched just about every research project that was currently in effect and put the entire company’s effort into one thing, the iPod. The iPod was, and is still massively successful. It turned Apple’s declining revenue … Read more


Why do anything. Why do we do things? When asked this question it’s easy to give answers that seem obvious. Perhaps they are obvious and I sound stupid right now. Bare with me. Picture this, you’re going into a Job interview and your potential employer asks you what you’re expecting from the job and why … Read more