Principles for Meetings

How to have Efficient and Effective meetings The following are a collection of ideas that I’ve collected over the years. These are principles (not rules). 1. Have a designated day for meetings If possible, and it usually is, have a designated day for meetings. This doesn’t mean you should now feel the compulsion to fill … Read more

Elon Musk’s 5 Manufacturing Principles

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This won’t be the first time that I am writing about Elon Musk. There is a good reason for this. Like many other technology nerds, I am infatuated with Elon’s ability to approach some of the worlds largest problems systematically and methodically. In a recent interview Elon spoke to Tim Dodd about the 5 Manufacturing Principles … Read more

The Problem with todo lists

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My first interaction with todo lists started when I was still in high school. All my teachers touted the idea of writing down our homework in a “homework diary”. As a millennial, the idea of writing stuff on paper wasn’t so attractive to me.Instead, I used Wunderlist for my homework. It was in Wunderlist that … Read more

My Top Ten Productivity Tips

Over the years I have read hundreds of articles and books. I’ve been inspired by people like Thomas Frank, David Allen, Mat D’Avella and Ali Abdaal. And I have listened to thousands of podcasts and talks and this has given me a wealth of information on productivity tips. The aim of this article is hopefully … Read more