Filters For Decision Making

person holding magnifying glass showing building

Humans are fundamentally biased. Myself included. This means that we have to give ourselves mental walking sticks so we don’t fall down. Just like an elderly gentleman with a walking stick, he can probably walk a fair distance without it, but with it he is more capable. I like to use questions to help me … Read more

No Switchy

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I used to be super into photography. I still have all my gear and I still occasionally get my camera out and take some pictures. In the photo community there is something called G.A.S. Or, Gear Acquisition Syndrome. As a photographer it is very easy to feal that upgrading your gear will make you better. … Read more

My goals for 2022

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In 2020 I wrote about how I set new year resolutions. In that blog I talk about how you should identify who you want to become and then identify what that type of person would do. Instead of a lofty goal, you’ll end up with several habits that you can perform on a daily basis. … Read more