About Ross Griffin

Hello, and welcome to Rossgriffin.com. This is my home on the internet.

Who am I?

That beautiful person with me is my wife.

Here’s the Tldr:
I am an eCommerce Specialist and consultant. I run a fluid marketing agency called Precipice. In my free time I write on this blog, create YouTube videos and have a podcast. With these mediums I discuss Time Management & Productivity, Self Improvement and Business.

eCommerce Specialist and Consulting

When I say that I am an eCommerce Specialist/Consultant the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is “Oh! So what do you think about drop shipping?”. To which I reply: “I don’t know much about it, but I am fairly certain it’s not as easy as it seems and that most people peddling it make more money from peddling drop-shipping than actually selling things online.”

So, what do I actually do? I have experience in a variety of disciplines such as Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development and Business in general. The culmination of these skills allow me to create eCommerce experiences for larger companies. When I say larger, I mean that most of the eCommerce business I work with have more than 30 employees. Essentially, I make sure all the moving parts of eCommerce work cohesively.

Fluid Marketing Agency

A what? I run a fluid marketing agency called Precipice where it’s my job to source talented individuals for ongoing marketing campaigns and projects. Many agencies employ lots of people, which is also their crutch. They have a very high bottom line since they have to pay salaries. My approach is different, I am the only employee of my company. This allows me to source exactly the right people as contractors for each project. Each project can have more specialized individuals working on it instead of a marketing agency’s generalists.

What is the point of this blog?

Aside from running my business, I write stuff for this blog for fun. Yes, for fun. I have an insatiably curious brain and this blog is an outlet for me. I write about a variety of topics but primarily:

  1. Self Improvement
  2. Productivity, Time Management and Focus
  3. Business & Marketing
  4. I also dabble with Psychology from individual, societal and organizational perspectives.

What other content do you create?

Glad you asked:

  1. YouTube
  2. Podcast
  3. Newsletter
  4. Twitter