My name is Ross. I write about Productivity, Time Management, Marketing and a few other topics

Welcome to my blog. I write to add value to your life. 

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Ross Griffin

Divergent vs Convergent Seasons

When I find something that I am interested in, I tend to be a very passionate person. When I was 10 I picked up a digital camera for the first time and I have been interested in photography ever since. When I was 12, I started playing drums. Later on in my teen years I picked up coding and got into web development, this has led to my current fill time job as an eCommerce Manager. These passions have always

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About me

Ross and his wife

Hey my name is Ross. That pretty person with me is my awesome wife.

I am from South Africa. I started this blog because I have an insatiable desire to learn new things. I aim to add value to people’s lives by sharing what I have learned. This blog is about my learning journey. I share experiments that I have done on myself, things that I have learned and other silly things I have dug up on the internet. 


The Zeigarnik Effect

Have you ever struggled to get to sleep because your brain was tormenting you over everything you were supposed to accomplish that day? You’re not

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Survivorship Bias

A story from WWII During World War II, Abraham Wald was tasked with finding a way to decrease the number of losses to US aircraft.

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How to wake up earlier

15 December 2021 UpdateHey there, it’s Ross. I wrote this article almost 2 years ago. It’s one of the most popular articles on my website.

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Ross Griffin

Breaking News and Milk

Part I Breaking News Some poeple will tell you that the term “Breaking News” came from before the internet. When we still used the print

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Ross Griffin

Running Calculator

This post is a bit different to what I usually put out there. In 2015 I got obsessed with running. Since then I have run

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