The Round Up #33

Hey everyone, I hope you are well. There have been 5 awesome people that have joined us since last week.

Finding Adventure in your backyard

I’ve been watching a lot of Beau Miles, he’s an Australian adventurer and outdoorsman. One of his foremost philosophies is finding adventure around you. This is a guy that has run 700km+ across the Australian alps and kayaked 2000km around the southern tip of Africa. Recently in the spirit of “finding adventure in his backyard” he’s:

  1. Run a marathon while doing odd jobs between each mile.
  2. Lived for 40 days off of just baked beans
  3. Run 90km to work
  4. Drunk a bottle of wine.

His stuff has really inspired me to make the most of my situation and seek adventure right where I am.

Check out his channel.


“If you copy from one author it’s plagiarism, if you copy from many, it’s research” – Not sure who said this

The Best Articles I read this week

Could Roger Federer Be as Successful Playing Badminton

  • “Where to play” is perhaps the most critical choice in strategy

Don’t Focus on Local Maxima

  • We unnecessarily fight for local maxima when there are better options.
    • This is especially true of brick and mortar businesses. They fight for local business, but forget that we have eCommerce as a distribution channel.

Sleep Technique Used by Salvador Dalí Really Works

  • To use the technique, visionaries such as Dalí and Edison would hold an object, such as a spoon or a ball, while falling asleep in a chair. As they drifted off, the object would fall, make a noise and wake them up. Having spent a few moments on the brink of unconsciousness, they would be ready to start their work.
  • In N1, you can imagine shapes, colors or even bits of dreams in front of your closed eyes, yet still hear stuff in your room, Oudiette said. “The pattern can be very different” depending on the person, Oudiette told Live Science.
  • The researchers found that the participants who spent at least 15 seconds in the N1 stage had an 83% chance of discovering the hidden rule, compared with a 30% chance for those who remained awake.

The 40-70 Rule of Decision-Making

  • His 40-70 rule says that leaders should be taking decisions when they have between 40-70% of the information required for taking a decision. According to him, when you take a decision with less than 40% information, then you are shooting from the hip, which literally means to speak or act quickly based on first impressions, without carefully studying the background information.

The American Presidents—Washington to Lincoln

  • 17/43 presidents, or 40% of them, were named John, James, George, or William.
    • That’s just one of many random facts from this article. A highly captivating read and an absolute must if you enjoy random facts as much as I do.

Stuff I wrote this week

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