The Zeigarnik Effect

Have you ever struggled to get to sleep because your brain was tormenting you over everything you were supposed to accomplish that day? You’re not the only one, this is something called the Zeigarnik Effect. In this article I am going to explore where the Zeigarnik effect came from, and what that means for us. … Read more

Deep Work – Cal Newport

Deep Work Book By Cal Newport next to a mug of coffee

I have never put a book summary or notes on my website before. I hope to do many more as my reading focus shifts from reading lots of books, to reading fewer books and retaining more information. This is an idea inspired by Alex and Book’s 25 X 250 Challenge Deep Work by Cal Newport … Read more

Survivorship Bias

A story from WWII During World War II, Abraham Wald was tasked with finding a way to decrease the number of losses to US aircraft. Based on his findings the military (the US Airforce didn’t exist then) would improve the structural make-up of aircraft and possibly change tact against the Axis powers. 95,000 American airplanes … Read more